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I've been practicing exclusively in the area of family law for 20 years. In 2007, I founded The Damore Law Firm, LLC. As a family law attorney, I've used many different approaches to help clients achieve optimal results. In my experience, the collaborative law approach is the most effective method for many clients.

Working Together for a New Beginning

Collaborative law is a relatively recent development in family law. It aims to help divorcing couples resolve their differences in a setting of mutual respect and cooperation. Divorce is often acrimonious, but it doesn't have to be. Collaborative law allows divorcing couples to preserve their dignity and self-respect so they can move forward with their lives.

Litigation is a common method of determining the outcome of a divorce. In this approach, divorcing parties frequently allow emotions to interfere with sound judgment. In litigation, spouses might conceal information or engage in obstructive tactics. This results in time-consuming and costly court proceedings, which in turn cause further conflict. The parties exhaust their resources, and both parties are often unhappy with the final decree.

Collaborative Law is Win-Win

Collaborative law was developed to reduce conflict and promote creative solutions. The parties commit to staying out of court and to resolving their differences civilly. Because of this non-adversarial frame of mind, the parties can often achieve their goals in a spirit of compromise and cooperation. Collaborative law minimizes the trauma of divorce and promotes acceptable results.

How it Works

In the collaborative model, each party has an attorney, and negotiations are conducted in joint sessions with all four present in a private setting. This encourages open dialogue. If the parties are unable to resolve their issues, the lawyers must withdraw from representation and cannot assist the parties in litigation. This provides an incentive for the parties AND the lawyers to reach agreement. Unlike in litigation, the parties commit to sharing information and evidence, thus making the process amicable and efficient. The collaborative model also allows for the joint selection of other professionals such as accountants, child specialists, or counselors if needed to resolve specific issues.

Collaborative law is applicable to any family law dispute, including cases involving division of property or child custody and support. It's not appropriate, however, for certain cases, such as those involving domestic violence or mental illness.

If you think the collaborative method is the best approach for your divorce or child custody matter, contact my Overland Park office.

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The Damore Law Firm, LLC
College Corporate Centre
5330 College Boulevard, Suite 1
Leawood, KS 66211
Phone: (913) 890-2051
Fax: (913) 322-7710